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Free Math online Solved problems for kids 

Following are the sample problems solved by our tutors.

Following are the sample problems solved by our tutors.
Example 1: -

A die is thrown. Find the probability of getting 
     (i) an even number     (ii) a number 5       (iii) getting a number less than 4

Solution: -
When a die is thrown the possible outcomes are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Total number of outcomes=6
(i)  2,4,6 are the even numbers. 
So number of outcomes favorable to getting an even numbers is 3.
P(getting an even number) = 3/6 = 1/2
 (ii) There is only one 5 in the possible outcomes  So number of outcomes favorable to getting a 5  is 1.
P(getting a 5) = 1/6
 (iii) 1,2,3 are the even numbers. So number of outcomes favorable to getting a number less than 4 is 3.
P(getting a number less than 4) = 3/6 = 1/2

Example 2: -   

Find the area of the circle with radius 3 cm

Solution: -

Given radius, r = 3 cm
We know that formula for Area of a circle, A = πr2
Where A is the Area and r is the radius
Here we are going to solve for A
Substituting, A = πr2 = π32 = 9π square centimeter
Therefore area of the circle = 9π square centimeter.

Example 3: -

There are 4 Men and 3 women. 3 people are drawn at
random.  What is the probability that
there is at least one women?
Solution: -
Let A denote  the event that no women is selected. Getting at least one woman is a complement of  no women.
Required probability = P(Ac) = 1 - P(A)
                                              =1 - P(no woman)
                                              =1 - [4C3/7C3]
                                              =1 - (4/35)
                                              = 31/35
P(at least one women) = 31/35

Example 4: -

Find the range of the following data:
x:          2          3          4          7          9
f:          5          7          12        8          6

Solution: -
Highest value in the series = 9
Lowest value in the series = 2
Range = Highest Value – Lowest Value = 9 - 2 = 7
Therefore  Range = 7