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Simple Examples

Following are few examples of worked out problems in various topics in math.

Example 1:-

Urn ‘A’ contains 4 white and 3 red marbles and Urn B contains 2 white and 5 red marbles.  One of the urn is chosen at random and a marble is to be selected from the chosen urn.  What is the probability of drawing a white marble?

Solution: -

Let A denote the event of choosing first urn, B/A denote the event of drawing a white marble from the first urn Let  C denote the event of choosing second urn,
D/C denote the event of drawing a white marble from the second urn
P (A) = 1/2
P (B/A) = 4/7
P (C) = 1/2
P (C/A) = 2/7
P[drawing a white marble from the chosen urn]
= P [choosing the first urn and drawing a white marble or
choosing second urn and drawing a white marble from it]
= P (A) x P (B/A) + P (C) x P (C/A)
=(1/2) x 4/7 + 1/2 x 2/7 = 4/14 = 2/14 = 6/14
= 3/7
Probability of drawing a white marble =3/7

Example 2: -

Solve the following radical equation.
√4x+ 6 = √5x

Solution: -

The expressions 4x+ 6 and 5x are under the radical.  We first try to eliminate the radical sign from the equation.  For this we square both sides
We get
(4x+ 6) = 5x
Subtracting 4x on both sides, we get
6 = 5x - 4x
That is x  = 6
Therefore solution of the radical equation is x = 6.

Example 3: -

Draw the graph of the linear polynomial function y = 5x+9

Solution: -

First lets find two points on this line. Then plot those points on a graph and join them using a straight line.
Lets put x = 0
Then y = 5(0)+9
           = 0+9
           = 9
Then the point is (0,9).
Let us find another point on the same line
Put x = 1
Then y = 5(1) + 9
           = 5 + 9
           = 14
Then the point is (1, 14).
Now we plot the points and join them.
To plot (0, 9) we move 0 points to right and 9 points up and
mark the point.
Similarly, to plot (1, 14), we move 1 point to right and 14
points to right and mark the point. 
Now we join the points using straight line.
So the required graph will be

Example 4: -

 Find the domain of the inverse of the rational function (x^2 - 1)/(x^2 - 2x + 1)

Solution: -

Given function is y = (x^2 - 1)/(x^2 - 2x + 1) In this case we can see that there is a common factor (x - 1) among the numerator and denominator. So first we factor the numerator and denominator and cancel out the common factor.
Lets write x in terms of y
Cross multiplying we get
(x - 1)y = x + 1
xy - y = x +-1
xy - x = 1+ y
x(y - 1) = y + 1
That is x = (y + 1)/(y -1)
Replacing y  by x we get the inverse of the given function.
To find the domain we first equate the denominator to 0.
Since the denominator is y -1, we omit 1 from the set of real number.
So domain is set of all real numbers except 1.  That is
Domain = { x/ x ε  R, x ≠  1}